A surrender to Final Surrender

Indian Band

Death is death... death is dead! Rings a bell for every metalhead, right? With the release of their latest full-length album, the Bangalore-based metal band, Final Surrender, share their musical journey so far  and shed light on the album ‘Empty Graves’ — a popular choice with metal music lovers. 

Their hardcore melodic music, gut-busting drumming, amazing vocals and mind-blowing guitars complement each other, and we get the music that moves us, that makes us mosh and headbang.

The album ‘Empty Graves’, released in early January, is their full-length after their debut ‘The Expanse’ (2010), followed by a three-song extended player titled ‘St Sinner’ and a few more singles in mid-2011. 

‘Empty Graves’ is the band’s first international release, after signing with the American-based Rottweiler Records, USA, in February 2012.

 Even after they got their international project, they have been working on ‘Empty Graves’, definitive of the band’s unique sound, evolving a worldwide music genre called ‘Indian Progressive Metalcore’. Many eminent Indian musicians like Ustad Fayaz (sarangi), Sumarani (sitar), Butoo (flute, recorder), Anthardwani — Asia’s biggest Indian choral group have been featured. This really did add a lot of Indian music style to the band’s melodic groove metal music.

 This record struck its best when the American Magazine HM declared that it was the ‘best metal music India could offer’, something every metalhead in India is proud about.And when asked what is different in their latest album, Sanjay (guitars) says, “The new album is more mature than the last — it has a definite structure, is melodic. In short, it’s complex, yet very musical and enjoyable!” When the band started in December 2010, they were attempting to bring about a music revolution of sorts, a revolution that would change their lives and the lives of others.

In their eyes, they saw a hot vision, a vision to spread hope and love through the means of music. As they went after what they loved, they saw their dreams come true, giving birth to the band Final Surrender. 

The name encompasses the idea that there comes a point where life seems a rough road, and you seek something to relieve you of it.

When they started, popularity was out of the question. “That’s the last thing we had in our minds. We got together as musicians and wrote just to experience the sense of divinity in music,” says Joseph. Eventually reaching fame, they haven’t lost their humility. When asked about their biggest influence, James replies, “The lord and savior Jesus Christ is our biggest influence!”

And Joseph says a musician’s life is pure bliss, and being musicians helps them to tune a vital part of spirituality that can’t be acquired by anything materialistic.Their biggest gig yet took place at the Hornbill Festival in Nagaland, where they played to 15,000 music fans. An American tour is on the cards in early 2014.

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