Sweet memories of China

Sweet memories of China


Sweet memories of China

The MBA students of New Horizon College of Engineering recently visited China as part of their course.During their visit to Shanghai, they went to the Jade Buddha Temple, Great Wall of China and Forbidden City and got an idea about the history, culture and tradition of the Chinese. They also visited the Miracle Dynasty Industry, where they learnt about the manufacturing and distribution of ceramic products.

 The students, who got a practical exposure and had fun at the same time shared their experiences, with Metrolife. “We visited many places and it was a wonderful learning experience.

Be it travelling by the bullet train at a speed of 310 kmph or visiting the Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU), we really had a good time. At the university, we were introduced to the history of China, its current economy, trading processes and political scenario,” said Jijolal PP, a student, and added, “Visiting the Great Wall of China and Forbidden City, we learnt about the history of the country, which has been ruled by many emperors.”

Explaining what they learnt, Jijolal said, “We realised that the Chinese have stuck to their traditions. They are modern but don’t ape the West.”

Rohith, another student, said, “The place is a perfect blend of cultures. It is modern yet traditional, western yet oriental. We were made aware of the number of challenges the country faces.

After India, China has the second largest number of poor people in the world. So poverty reduction remains a fundamental challenge. The rapid economic ascendance has brought on many challenges as well, including high inequality, rapid urbanization and issues of environmental sustainability.”

Shopping at the Silk Street was a welcome break for the students. “We enjoyed shopping there. We have come back with happy memories. It was a valuable foreign education tour combined with a lot of fun,” said Surya Pratap Singh, a fourth-semester student.