New exhibits to enthrall visitors to VV Museum

New exhibits to enthrall visitors to VV Museum

Golden jubilee special

New exhibits to enthrall visitors to VV Museum

An advanced model of ‘Wright Flyer-1’, the 1903 Wright Brothers’ aeroplane, is all set to attract science enthusiasts at the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum in the city. At present, the museum hosts a full-scale replica of the flyer


The original flyer is preserved at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, USA.

While the present model is a static one, the new exhibit will give people an “immersive experience”, according to director of the museumK G Kumar, who did not wish to reveal more about its features at the moment.

The new flyer is being imported from Washington and will be installed ahead of the museum’s golden jubilee celebrations this July.

This is but one of the new features to be added to the museum that will be revamped and “upgraded” this year. Several exhibits displaying latest technology will be included. Currently, there are about 600 exhibits.

Another interesting aspect would be the ‘Science On a Sphere,’ where people can get live weather updates from places across the globe. It will provide details on temperature, humidity, wind speed, etc. The Engine Hall in the museum too will get a new shape.

The Meter Gauge Steam Locomotive too will get a facelift. Plans are afoot to allow people to sit in the train to enhance the experience. “It is still being conceptualised and will be finalised in due course,” Kumar told Deccan Herald.

Exhibits displaying latest technology will also be added. For instance, talks are on with Toyota to secure an engine of its newly developed hybrid car, which will be put on display.

Chronology of evolution

This will add to the other artefacts on automobiles in the museum, presenting a chronology of evolution in engines. A new gallery on mathematics will be established in the Gulbarga centre and a digital planetarium will be set up at the Tirupati Science Centre. A new science centre in Puducherry is on the anvil and will be ready for inauguration in a month or two.

Looking ahead of the golden jubilee, Kumar felt that the museum was as relevant as it was 50 years ago. “The education system has not changed. Students are probably learning the same on an iPad instead of a book, but the basic system remains the same.”

Keeping this in mind, he felt that though the museum would strive to include the latest technology, the emphasis would still be on physical exhibits. “If a child touches the displays and experiences it first hand, there will be no need to study from the textbook.”