Officials prepare to greet new MPs

Officials prepare to greet new MPs

Officials prepare to greet new MPs

As political parties prepare for the 16th Lok Sabha elections, the Parliament Secretariat has quietly begun preparations to welcome new members.

It has set in motion the process to update various information brochures, including briefs on rules and procedures of Parliament, which are handed over to the newly elected members.

The newly elected member’s information kit includes 31 booklets on general rules and procedures, a member’s handbook, 40 small booklets on procedures of the Lok Sabha, demarcation of responsibilities in the central government.

Every newly elected MP has to fill in 15-20 forms on personal information to avail various privileges, including accommodation, transport facilities.

A temporary studio is being set up in Parliament House for taking photographs of the newly elected members. These photographs would be used for their identity cards, alongside information on website and in a book compiling brief profiles of each of the members.

The Lok Sabha Secretariat is also making preparations for hosting an orientation programme for the newly elected members.

A communication has also been sent to the Department of Estates under the Urban Development Ministry requesting them to arrange for accommodation for new members.

Elected members are first provided accommodation in various state guest houses in the capital till the outgoing MPs vacate their houses .