Mamata releases populist manifesto

Mamata releases populist manifesto

Mamata releases populist manifesto

Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee set the tenor for the forthcoming general elections by launching a scathing attack on not just the BJP but also the Congress, and said her party is the only alternative for the nation.

Seeking a “change in governance and the political system” and “for a dynamic India”, the Banerjee said, “The Congress, BJP and CPM are all corrupt. The Trinamool is the only alternative.”

Talking about her manifesto, she said, “We quit the UPA-II government because the policies they were following were against our manifesto. There was no common minimum programme, and they forced policies, like FDI in multi-brand retail, so we had to leave.”

Pointing out that the “manifesto is the reflection of a party’s integrity”, Banerjee said, “We don’t want to talk a lot needlessly. We are grounded and rooted in reality and our manifesto reveals that. We don’t say one thing in the manifesto and then divide the country.” It was a dig at the Congress’ decision to carve out Telangana even though it was not part of the ruling party’s manifesto in 2009.

Banerjee, who covered it all in her poll manifesto, making it “people-friendly, industry-friendly and farmer-friendly”, said this would be the first time the TMC will have released separate manifestos for the national level and the states of West Bengal, Delhi, Assam, Tripura and Jharkhand, from where the party is fielding candidates.

With issues ranging from minority development to women's empowerment, from e-governance to water and health for all, Banerjee has covered it all, even touching on sensitive issues like land acquisition, the BPL list and administrative reforms.

She also did not leave out points like Lokpal and return of black money from foreign shores, issues originally raised by anti-graft crusader Anna Hazare.