Under the skin of the character

Under the skin of the character

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Under the skin of the character

The versatile actress, Kalki Koechlin, has carved a niche for herself in the film industry right from her debut film. She has proved herself time and again with the kind of roles that she has essayed on the big screen. The actress, who was here in the City for the Shiksha project, says that Bangalore is very special to her.

“It’s always good to come to Bangalore as my family lives here, But I feel a little sad this time as I could not meet them. It’s a rushed visit.” While talking about her association with the project, she also points out how education is so important. “I have been very lucky not to question my education. But there are so many places where education is completely lacking, where children have no access to schools. Education is the only way to have real freedom,” she says.

Kalki has portrayed all kinds of roles with aplomb but believes that she has a long way to go. “I continue to do all sorts of films. I believe in stories which matter, have an impact and show a different perspective of life. I don’t always have to agree to that perspective as long as there is enough support on why it exists. Films are not always a mirror to the society, there are fun films also and I want to do all of them. I am greedy,” she notes.

Her versatility has come out each time she has portrayed a character and her next project will show her in a different light yet again. “I just finished a film called ‘Margarita with a Straw’, where I play a girl who has cerebral palsy, which is a disease affecting motor skills. It is an independent small film. We don’t talk about disability in India and I think education and awareness is lacking in this sphere,” she says.

“I would be terrified to do such a film without any preparation and I told my director Shonali Bose that I wouldn’t do this film unless she gives me six months to prepare. Her sister was my inspiration. I was very lucky to have a one-on-one interaction with Malini, her sister, who suffers from cerebral palsy. I lived with her and saw what it is to be her,” she adds.

Ask her how she decides to do a particular project and she adds that it is the script which is most important. “I choose a film according to the script. I really don’t try to be different. I would love to do a rom-com but it has to be a believable one and I don’t want it to be so removed from reality that people cannot believe in it,” she notes.

She has many projects to look forward to. Besides doing Jia Aur Jia with Richa Chadda — a story about two girls who go on a road trip — she is also doing ‘Happy Ending’, a rom-com with Saif Ali Khan and Ileana D’cruz.

“I have been very lucky with the kind of directors that I have worked with. I have immense respect for the people I have worked with in the past and I can’t say that I wouldn’t want to work with any of them again. That is a very good sign,” wraps up Kalki.