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Last Updated 23 March 2014, 20:04 IST

Manada maReyalli

Kannada (U)***

Director: Rajeev Nethra

Cast: Srikanth, Vindhya, Sandeep Ninasam, Anant Nag and others

Several years back, Annavru called for eye donation and his family has ever since been associated with the cause. Inspired by this, director Rajeev Nethra has come up with a now-age-old story which is still sweet and makes for easy watching.

Jeeva, an orphan do-gooder, makes a living selling flutes. He has a soft corner for Divya, unaware that she is blind. Once he learns of it, his love only increases. Sadly, Divya’s happiness is marred, with her elder sister ending her life, unable to restore Divya’s vision. That incident also transforms her “pimp” brother-in-law. 

To top it all, she is pursued by the local don.At the outset, Manada Mareyalli (a simply beautiful title) seems full of cliches. The director appears to be cramming in as many sub-plots as possible, which was unnecessary. 

The “comedy track” irritates. But for a first-timer, Rajeev does well. Backing him is excellent music by M S Tyagaraj, though using Nadaswara in the background score might scare away several people wanting to save their ears! Naveen Suvarna’s camera falters here and there, but overall does a good job.Manada Mareyalli brings to mind Rajesh Khanna's Janta Hawaldar but only in passing.

Among actors, Anant Nag is competent as ever. Srikanth is good while Vindhya makes a confident debut. Blessed with a conventionally cute face, and blind parents, Vindhya could have raised the bar of her performance which doesn’t happen.

Sandeep’s passion comes through in his acting.After a spate of disgusting turns, Rangayana Raghu allows the actor in him to peep out again – for a brief period alas!Keeping him company is Mamata. 

Best of all, the film doesn’t turn preachy but shows the nitty-gritty of eye donation in all practicality. Manada Mareyalli is worth watching. For many reasons.

(Published 23 March 2014, 20:04 IST)

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