The path to rejuvenation

The path to rejuvenation

Road Trips

The path to rejuvenation

A bunch of IT professionals from the City wait for the weekend, preferably an extended weekend, to hit the road. These road trips, they say, not only rejuvenate them but also teach them a great deal on handling crisis situations on the road and in life as well.

Metrolife interacted with a few members from the group who say without a second thought that these short and long trips are indeed quite refreshing and leave behind some incredible memories. Those who are a part of this group work for different sectors of the IT industry and for nothing less than 15 hours a day. They all think such trips are an indispensable part of the rejuvenating process.

Recollecting one of his memorable treks, Abin John, an IT professional and a member of the team, says, “The Saar Pass trek was an unforgettable experience. To begin with, we spent a day in Delhi and visited Humayun’s Tomb. Later, we went  to Lucknow and toured a couples of places including Bara Imambara, Chota Imambara and Ambedkar Park. The most memorable part about Lucknow was the ‘Lucknowi’ cuisine that had a nawabi finish to it.”

Afdal KY is another avid trekker who packs his bag and heads out to hills whenever he gets a chance.

Afdal says that the group usually plans short trips and ends up visiting a few hill stations in the State. “We love to explore nature and be away from the busy life of the City. We drive to the nearest locations and when we have a long vacation, we plan a trip to different locations in and around the Himalayas,” explains Afdal.

About the precautions the team takes, Afdal points out that the team makes sure they carry enough water.

“For snow treks, we carry warm clothes and footwear that have a good grip. The backpack will have a lot of basic things,” he adds.  He also states that these trips are refreshing. “I think everybody should take a break from their busy schedule and plan something similar because this is the best way to get recharged,” he adds.

Anoop Vrinda, another member of the group, thinks it’s best to go to less-explored destinations, “The best part is that we go for both planned and unplanned trips. Unplanned trips are one or two-day trek and we don’t carry lot of stuff. The planned trips usually have one of us plan the schedule well in advance,” says Anoop.

And about the mode of transport, Anoop says he personally prefers walking than driving or riding, “There’s nothing more pleasant than carrying your backpack and walking through scenic paths. You can hear nature’s songs, get to know more about local culture, click pictures and drink water from the stream,” he states. While on a trek, the group is never particular about food. “When it comes to food, we go to crowded joints and local dhabas, whichever is famous and best for local food,” he adds.

Anoop too, just like his team mates, thinks it’s good to take a break from the routine. “These trips increase your skills and help you plan better, improve your ethics, boost your morale and confidence,” he concludes. 

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