Revamp your bathroom

»It’s time to revamp your bathroom with mother of pearl bath set from Elvy. A bath set ensures that all your bathroom accessories are of the same design and colour, which gives the area a new and a more uniform touch. An interesting choice of bath set is the mother of pearl set, which is great in looks as well as design, and is a bold piece, which will give the bathroom a more luxurious feel. Right from the tooth brush holder and the  towel tray to a cute waste bin, soap dispenser and lotion holder, the set includes all that you need in a good bathroom. Bath sets can be coupled with interesting towels and  toiletries to make the bathroom more exciting and fun. With its serene colour and design, the set is a choice, which would go with all kinds of bathrooms.

Mattress therapy

»Kurlon’s New SpineKare is a perfect confluence of comfort and goodness. It not only best appeases your sense of comfort but also takes care of your health. It is a specialised product that is specifically manufactured to tend to the users’ spine.
Made of memory foam with therapeutic and healing benefits, rubberised coir and bonded foam, the mattress is meticulously designed and developed using Zero Pressure Point (ZPP) technology to provide the right support to the back and spine. It offers the much-needed lumbar support that relaxes the body. The          mattress is ideal for professionals who endure long, strenuous and exhausting work hours or people suffering from back and neck     discomfort.

Classic lamps for your garden

»Green Carpet, a leading provider of all gardening solutions, brings an extravagant range of classic garden lamps to augment the exquisiteness of your garden. The collection houses a select assortment of lamps that includes the high-end polystone lamp, resin lamp and lotus-hanging lamp.   The collection also includes lamps inspired by the Afro region. There is a three-Javanese-figure lamp, in which the figures are delicately carved in wood and are lightly placed on the lamp base. These classic lamps can be used both     indoors and outdoors.