Chalk Vs technology

Chalk Vs technology

With the advent of technology, teaching has transformed from the art of nurturing young minds to a mere exercise of assistance in the process of learning to happen. 

Traditionally, chalk and board method was used to impart education which was a teacher dominated methodology wherein the teachers were considered as a source of knowledge and learning and students could grasp everything by listening to their masters. 
With technology deemed to be the solution to all problems, teaching methodology has also shifted from chalk and board to computer centric learning. 

Visual aids and powerpoint presentations are used to make learning interesting and interactive.
However, students have now become passive listeners in the process of learning because of increased dependence on technology.


Powerpoint presentations are used not just for explaining theoretical subjects but also for practical and analytical subjects, like Accountancy and Mathematics, which makes it extremely difficult for students to understand due to lack of stepwise explanation and calculation.
Moreover, most students are distracted as they focus more on what is written on the screen than on what is spoken by the teacher. 

Presentations are effective only when they are a collaboration of the facts that are already understood by students through chalk and board method of stepwise learning. 
Chalk and board method also helps the faculty to showcase their in depth knowledge in the subject and to solve the doubts of students on the spot. 

Nowadays, due to shortage of experienced faculty, one teacher is asked to teach several subjects that he may not have sufficient knowledge of. 
Also, because of various administration and co-curricular activities forced by management, a considerable amount of time is lost in communicating such information to the students during class hours which in turn reduces the time to effectively teach their subjects. 

The aim of teaching is simple - to get the meaning through to the students. Students learn only when they understand and do not make mistakes. 
Chalk and board method ensures this happens. 
To say I have taught when students haven’t learnt is like saying I have sold something which nobody has bought. 

Thus, the key is to put yourself in the place of your student and understand what he learns and the way he understands it.