Candidates asked about plans for fire-free City

Candidates asked about plans for fire-free City

Beyond Carlton, a registered trust, set up by family members of those affected by February 23, 2010 tragedy, has asked candidates, on how they would make Bangalore, a fire-free City. 

Managing Trustee Uday Vijayan has written to candidates stating that State has allocated Rs 178.18 crore for fire department for 2014-15 where in  80 per cent is for administrative and manpower costs, leaving only 20 per cent for equipment and other expenses. He has asked how candidates would ensure budgets for equipment and infrastructure of fire department on a priority basis.

Bangalore needs at least 71 fire stations (roughly one station for every 10 sq km), as per Wilbur Smith Report commissioned by Karnataka State Fire and Emergency Services in March 2011. 

“Despite this, we currently have mere 20 stations to service the 741-sq km City growing by the minute,” he said.  Some of Vijayan’s questions to candidates are: What will you do to increase number of fire stations on a priority basis?

What will you do to ensure we have optimum quantity of fire-fighting equipment? How will you ensure that new layouts are sanctioned have fire stations in the vicinity, like water and electricity services?  What action will you take here to set up trained first responder community?