Fruity masks for a radiant skin

Fruity masks for a radiant skin


A layer of papaya juice on the face when let to dry, leaves not just a fresh and younger looking skin but also a refreshed and less stressed mind. 
If the skin glows and is problem free then needless to say one feels confident about one’s personality.
The rising temperature in the City, the perspiration and the pollution have already affected a few with their face breaking out in pimples and acne.
While some others are finding it difficult to nourish their skin which has turned dull due to the harsh weather.    
But worry not, face masks are an easy solution to attend to these problems. A mask cleanses, tightens and firms the skin without any side effects. 

A face mask is recommended once or twice a week after cleansing and toning one’s face. Most face washes only need to be kept on one’s face for 20-25 minutes, 
before being rinsed off with cold water. 
A crucial element is the selection of ingredients so that the face mask suits the skin type and makes it healthy and radiant. 

For instance, to unclog pores and speed up natural skin renewal, a papaya face mask is appropriate, whereas to get a glow on the facial skin, a face mask of mountain wildflowers will work wonders.
“For dry to normal skin, basil, ketaki flower, lotus seed, tuberose and lavender are the preferred options. However, for a dry and sensitive skin type, the cream base mask or a combination of cocoa butter and milk is a very good option,” suggests Rahul Kale, 
director of Iraya which has fresh face masks available in a manner similar to different flavoured ice creams at counters. 

And best, these fruity concoctions can be refrigerated at home and used within 
a week.
For those who prefer to make face masks at home “mix two tablespoons of honey and half a tablespoon of lemon juice with a pinch of turmeric. 
Apply this honey mask on the face and neck for 15 minutes and rinse off with cold water and apply moisturiser later to provide radiance to the skin,” advises Aakriti Kochar, beauty expert at Oriflame India.
If you are looking for a solution to tanned skin, a face mask of saffron and milk helps in lightening the skin and removing tan. 

Similarly, for oily or acne-prone skin, an oatmeal face mask helps clean impurities and dead skin cells by absorbing excess oil on the face.

On the contrary, for the dry skin, an avocado, honey and olive oil mask helps moisturise, hydrate and soothe dry or flaky skin.

One can also add a tablespoon of lemon juice, an egg white for improved results, as both the ingredients whiten the skin. 
But the trouble arises when one has a ‘combination skin’ since the selection of the right face mask becomes troublesome. 
For such skin types, Aakriti advices a “banana and peach face mask. Mash and mix a banana and a peach, add a tablespoon of honey, two tablespoons of finely sliced almonds and oatmeal.
The oatmeal in the mask scrubs away the dead skin and impurities to reveal  beautiful skin.”
In case you have a normal skin, grate an apple and mix it with two tablespoons of honey and apply it on the face to achieve a clear skin. 

This face mask provides skin with vitamins needed for a natural sheen, while an avocado face mask works wonders for ageing skin.
Select the right ingredients according to your skin type and get rid of the dust and dullness on your face! 

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