Isha Arora, April 16, 2014, DHNS;

Isha Arora, April 16, 2014, DHNS;

Art breathes in a whiff of imagination into our lives, taking us away from the mundane and pedestrian thoughts.

Its value only multiplies if one goes by the famous adage, great minds think alike, the artists picture the beauty of the world with their unique sense of perception. 

Four accomplished artists from different walks of their artistic lives will showcase a group show titled ‘TRACES’ at Shridharani Art Gallery, Triveni Complex. 

It will throw open to viewers a collection of mixed media paintings, canvases of different colour palettes, creative ceramics and sculptures. 
Pegged as a ‘spring colour fest’ that will not just pamper your senses but also sate your soul, the exhibit will cover a wide range of genres and disciplines from the world of art. 
One of the artists, Triveni Prasad Tiwari who has a Masters degree in Fine Arts (Pottery & Ceramic Design) from Banaras Hindu University (BHU) explains his body of work, “Ceramic draws inspiration from the stark realities of life. 
Be it every day relationships, lack of humanity or interference between man and nature, hints of our hidden anxiety can be visualised in the ceramics.” 
Another seasoned artist, Sidharth Pansari will display his incredible body of work called ‘construction’ at the show.

Sidharth offers the most complex, polemic and double-edged forms of visual experience.
Also an alumnus of BHU, his ‘non-objective’ paintings capture physical and emotional effects.

Through his works, he “proliferates though a distilled reconciliation of allegorical opposites of form and colour, of geometry and space, of distance and dimension.”
On the other hand, Abhijit Kumar Pathak’s evocative canvasses speak volumes about his creative personality.

“My practice with contemporary mode of execution, besides the thematic manner of presenting my urge, always emphasise the space alignment as a significant part of its technical aspect,” elaborates Abhijit.
If clay modelling is Triveni’s forte, Sidharth and Abhijit are gifted with masterstrokes.
Indira Ghosh, who is a professional sculptor adept at plastic arts will offer some innovative visual treats along with the other illustrious artists. 

The exhibition will be on from April 17 till April 27, 2014 at Shridharani Art Gallery.