Senior citizens, disabled find booths not friendly

Braving odds, senior citizens and physically challenged voters had turned up to vote in hundreds across the City. However, they found difficulties in many places, especially at polling booths located on the first floor, without elevators.

Even booths on the ground floor posed a big challenge, for the steps were steep and there were no ramps.  

At the Saraladevi Educational institute, it was an extremely tedious task for 75-year-old Mahalakshmi who was trying to get to the polling station. The booth which has a steep entrance created a difficult situation for the elderly women.  

At National College, Basavanagudi, makeshift ramps were prepared by laying plywood planks for elderly persons to be wheeled into and out of the booths. Across the City, the ramps were also located at the far end of the entrances and had no grip for people to walk upon.
The scene was no different at the Oxford School polling station near HAL. Senior citizens struggled to climb stairs, with none to help. There were no railings to hold on to, either.

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