Stand still

Stand still

 He who is Alpha and Omega (cf. Rev 1.8) is very much there for you. He is unshakeable and steady and cling on to him and the river will flow by, the waves will leave you still standing. When all are gone you will still be there holding on to him.

We often see in today's world a number of people distraught, distressed and depressed. It is at these times they take a wrong decision. They think that to kill themselves is the best solution. It is, they imagine, an end to their seemingly endless problems. Unfortunately it is not the end. It is only to place ourselves at an even greater risk of losing our immortal soul and for being forever unhappy in all eternity. Better to be unhappy for a very little while here on earth rather than to be eternally unhappy.

But what should I do in such situations? It is better to seek help. Even physicians when they are ill seek the help of other physicians rather than having recourse to self medication. When you share your problems and thoughts with another there is an opportunity at seeing yourself with the help of another. If something is stuck on my face I can look into a mirror and wipe my face or wash it accordingly but when it is a matter of soul it can only be reflected by another trusting human being. The sacrament of reconciliation for a Christian is a wonderful means to get such a needed help all free of cost; the only trouble being to ask for it in humility. The confessor may not be very clever but in that situation God himself may guide him to say the right words you may need. Similarly in other religions too they have systems of such guidance. The important thing is to seek the guidance of another because this other could be the very agency by which God contacts you and pulls you out of the dire situation!

Jesus, too, in his sacred humanity sought guidance from God in humble prayer. Sometimes he spent the whole night in prayer, at other times early in the morning or late in the evening at the end of his day's work. The places too varied from lonely places, deserts, mountain tops, gardens, open fields to looking at the birds of the air and lilies of the field.  In the garden of Gethsemane scene we see him even asking the support of his disciples in prayer: "I am deeply grieved, even to death; remain here, and keep awake."(Cf. Mark 14.34). On this occasion he was asking his Father whether he should indeed go through the passion.

Given a choice, he would not like to go through it but he would leave it to his Father to guide him. The Father was silent and Jesus accepted the chalice and died peacefully. So do not hesitate to seek guidance from God and from all the wise people God may put in your path.