'I want to take the voice of women to Vidhana Soudha'

'I want to take the voice of women to Vidhana Soudha'

'I want to take the voice of women to Vidhana Soudha'

 Congress candidate Gayathri Shanthe gowda The local body members are also in a dilemma as to who they should exercise their franchise. Congress candidate Gayathri Shanthe gowda has the credit of being the sole lady candidate in the State. She spoke on her plans during her visit to Gram Panchayat members.

What made you to contest the election?

“I have seen the working of government system as a representative of State ZP Federation. Government is being trying to curtail the powers of local bodies. I want to raise it in Vidhan Soudha. Party provided me an opportunity looking at my family’s service to the party.”

How much votes you can get?

The district has 2,692 local bodies members. Of which, 1,400 are elected from Congress. 400 are supporters of JD(S). 300 are neutral. As per the calculation, I will be able to fetch 1,800 votes.

What are your achievements as ZP member, President?

“I have worked understanding the pulse of the district. I have solved the drinking water problem at Ambale constituency from where I was elected.”

What is your ambition in politics?

“I want to take the voice of a common woman to Vidhan Soudha and work for solving drinking water problem across the state.”

Do you believe in JD(S) support?

Yes. I believe them. In fact, Y S V Datta, Bhoje Gowda, Dharme Gowda, H T Rajendra are working for me in Kadur constituency. In fact, I have the support of CPI and BSP in the district.

What is your budget for the election?
I can not discuss it here.