Meghana sparkles; Nivetha bags silver

Meghana sparkles; Nivetha bags silver

Shot-putter Meghna Devanga defended her title on the opening day of the 11th National Youth Athletics Championships here on Sunday.

In addition to retaining her crown, Meghna, who is a National youth record-holder, also erased the meet mark by setting a new distance of 14.63m.

The burly Maharashtrian has a personal best of 15.35m to her credit which she registered after finishing sixth in the World School Gymnasiade at Brasilia last year.

She also came close to winning a medal in the Asian Youth Games at Nanjing in 2013, finishing fourth with a mark of 14.51m.

Karnataka’s T Nivetha bagged a silver with a throw of 12.66 metres.

In the girls’ discus throw event, Priyanka opened Haryana’s account by hurling the disc to 38.07. Karnataka’s Nivedita Prashant finished third with a throw of 12.66 metres.

Results: Boys: 100M: Rahul Kumar (UP) 10.97 seconds, 1; Kshitij Bhoite (Maharashtra) 10.99, 2; U Nithin (Kerala) 10.99, 3. 3000M: Kisan Tadvi (Maharashtra) 8:31.77, 1; Abhishek Pal (Assam) 8:32.96, 2; Arjun Kumar (UP) 8:33.01, 3. Shot put: Nishan Singh (Punjab) 17.56 metres, 1; Abishek Mishra (UP) 16.33, 2; Ikrar Mohammed (Andhra Pradesh) 16.09, 3.

Girls: 100M: Ankita Gosavi (Maharashtra) 12.49 seconds, 1; Sekunta Kulu (Odisha) 12.54, 2; Shivangi D Bhat (Delhi) 12.69, 3. 3000M: Sudha Pal (UP) 10:40.81, 1; PR Aleesha (Kerala) 10:50.02, 2; Reena (Haryana) 10:50.98, 3. Long jump: Athira Surendran (Kerala) 5.55 metres, 1; Sekunta Kullu (Odisha) 5.46, 2; Ramya (TN) 5.37, 3. Shot put: Meghna Devanga (Maharashtra) 14.63 (New meet record), 1; T Nivetha (Karnataka) 12.66, 2; Praiyanka (Haryana) 12.44, 3. Discus throw: Priyanka (Haryana) 38.07, 1; Sonal Goyal (Delhi) 37.54, 2; Nivedita Prashant (Karnataka) 34.75, 3. Javelin throw: Pushpa Jakhar (Haryana) 46.80, 1; Anju Patil (UP) 39.13, 2; J Rajna (Kerala) 38.50, 3.