When personal experiences translate into art

When personal experiences translate into art

True! Art is a reflection of inner self and observations. And proving this is artist Shridhar Iyer who is showcasing his latest collection of organic installations, coir coats, canvasses and paper works at ‘Spiritual Sojourn’.

The highlights of the show are the khus installations made by one of India’s finest abstractionists. The other interesting artworks include coats made from coir. Emphasing on the organic nature of the material used, Shridhar has given a new meaning to art.

His installations showcase an incredible range of the ‘humble organic materials’ that he has experimented with over the years. Talking to Metrolife, the artist, said, “I think art is something that comes with one’s own feelings. And everytime I create something, it is about my own satisfaction which I get after I finish creating the piece. In the exhibition, I have used coir pieces which are symbolic to all the chants that we keep chanting when we build our own cloud of concentration.”

Talking about his various journeys and his artworks which reflect his way of life, Shridhar says, “I try to reflect everything in my artworks – what I see, people who I meet, places that I go – my whole journey. I carry the journey in my mind and convert it into artworks at my studio.

And I think that feeling is important, the wanting, the desire to hold it in my hands, to be friends with the coir – the khus, to see if it has that earthy fragrance, or if it’s compatible to my idea of existence, and in what way it can sustain my ideas and notions of creating art.”

The exhibition ‘Spiritual Sojourn’ is on till June 20 at Art Bull Gallery, F -231 C, SIS House, 1st Floor Lado Sarai. Time: 11 am to 7 pm.