Mamata's Modi taunt crossing laxman rekha: Jaitley

Mamata's Modi taunt crossing laxman rekha: Jaitley

Mamata's Modi taunt crossing laxman rekha: Jaitley

Hitting back at West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for using "choicest adjectives" against Narendra Modi, BJP today said her "Poribortan" (change) is for anarchy and not for development.

"Didi's Poribortan is not for good governance or development. It is for anarchy, booth capturing and encouragement to illegal infiltration," BJP leader Arun Jaitley said in the Campaign Diary.

Mamata rode to power trouncing Left Front's 34-year rule promising Poribartan in the state.

"Conventional wisdom would suggest that Mamata Banerjee's and her party's traditional rival in West Bengal are the Left parties. The Congress party would occupy the third spot with the BJP being an also-ran. Why then is the BJP the principal target of Didi's attack?" he asked.

"Every day she crosses the laxman rekha and uses the choicest adjectives against Narendra Modi," Jaitley wrote in his blog.

There were war of words between Mamata and Modi after the latter said in Asansol that Bangladeshi infiltrators who were allowed into the country for votebank politics would be sent back, while refugees who were thrown out of Bangladesh on religious grounds would be greeted with open arms.

Mamata retaliated at the BJP prime ministerial nominee using harsh language and threatened to have him sent back "packing from airport".

Calling "Mamata Didi" as an "intelligent politician", Jaitley claimed that middle class (bhadralok) voters in the state has deserted her because of lack of development and now wants Modi as PM.

Jaitley said besides the traditional Trinamool supporters, "the goons" have moved from the Left to her side and thirdly she has support of the illegal infiltrators from Bangladesh.

"For this cause she has to justify infiltration and abuse Modi. The more she does that, the more she alienates herself from a significant section which put her in power. How long can Didi rely on the illegally imported vote? Even if she manages to retain a large number of seats this time, warning signals for the assembly elections are beginning to be heard."