Child abuse: Offenders knew victims in over 90 per cent cases

Child abuse: Offenders knew victims in over 90 per cent cases

The Delhi government’s women in distress helpline number (181) has received 484 child abuse calls in the last one year.

Out of all the cases, 93 per  cent of the offenders were found to be known to the victim. More than 383 cases were registered under serious offences.

“After the implementation of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO) in November 2012, the helpline started working on such cases. We provide special attention to such cases and ensure that no complaints go unattended,” said a senior official working with the helpline. In more than 92 per cent of child abuse complaints at the 181 helpline, FIRs have been lodged at the local police stations. In around 75 per cent cases, the helpline officials have recommended government aid through Delhi Legal Service Authority (DLSA). So far, 40 per cent of the child abuse victims have received the aid and their rehabilitation is in progress.

“Apart from ensuring registration of FIR, we also ensure proper rehabilitation and education of the victims. We also ensure a proper follow up with the law enforcement agencies, women and child development department and NGOs in all child abuse cases,” the official added.

For follow up of child abuse cases, a high end alarm has been set up in the server of the helpline. This alarm reminds the helpline officials to demand chargesheet of the cases from the concerned police officials within 30 days of registration of FIR.

“In more than 62 per cent cases, chargesheets are filed in the respected courts. The helpline officials also make sure of a free and effective legal aid to the family of the victims of child abuse cases,” the official added.

Only one case of sexual abuse with a male child has been received at the helpline in last one year. All of the other cases belong to girls.