The story behind the quotes

The story behind the quotes

The story behind the quotes

A quote or a saying inspires people, makes them think and sometimes, sparks their conscience. But not everyone finds inspiration or understands the true meaning of these quotes.

Students from the iCAT took up this challenge and brought out short animated movies based on certain quotes that spoke to them and screened them at the National Gallery of Modern Art recently. The movies varied in the usage of technology — from 2D and 3D to stop motion and live motion. 

It’s one thing to get an idea or work based on a particular quote and another thing to bring it out in a way people understand it easily. Chitrotsave 2014 attempted to just do that. It also highlighted the final projects of second and third-year students that centered around the quotes that spoke to them a lot.

“We seek to bring out stories either by using a 2D, 3D or illustrated form. It revolves around a social or a personal message,” said Nandini Bishnoi, a second-year 3D animation student from iCAT.

She made a story titled ‘Story of Peace’ that made the audience realise that peace comes from above and beyond our planet through an alien form and not by sticking onto a particular religion or god.

“This, in a kiddish way, sought to inform humans that there is an external ‘superbeing’ who gives us peace and keeps us away from all harm, which we need to practise ourself,” said Nandini. 

Visuals always had a great effect on humans and through it, one understands better. “What we see is so important, we understand our external world from what we see,” said Theodore Baskaran, film historian, while addressing the audience.

Movies, be it short-length or full-length feature films, become meaningful when they have something positive to say. And that is what this event aimed to look forward to but in a competition format.

“‘First Kiss’ is the title of my movie and it centres around a woman and her relationship as a wife to her husband and her relationship with her son. She said that it’s a live motion movie and was shot using 5D, baby lights, and in a day,” said Ishika Bagchi, a second-year animation student from iCAT.

The movies revolved around the necessities that the society needs today and how the media of visuals could make it more meaningful and impactful. She also said, “The budget for this project of mine is about Rs 6,000 and I used two professional actors in this venture of mine. I will have to see what the audience  make of it.”

The movies screened here were mostly the works of second and third-year students and some of them were running in to win the best of the categories they were featuring in like the 2D, 3D and illustration. But all of them were centred around the concept of a quote.