BEO issues notice to school for violating child rights

BEO issues notice to school for violating child rights

Following the incident, where students of Pushpa Educational Institute, Periyapatna were made to stand out of the School for non-payment of fees, Periyapatna Block Education Officer (BEO), C S Ramalingu has served a notice seeking clarification over the issue, on Tuesday.

In the notice, the BEO has noted that punishing children for non-payment of fees, was illegal and amounted to violation of child rights, and has instructed the School authorities to reply within three days of the notice.

Ramalingu said that a preliminary enquiry has been initiated regarding the issue, following which he would submit the report to the Deputy Director of Public Instruction.

Meanwhile, parents of the children who were made to stand out, have lodged a complaint with the Deputy Commissioner, demanding action against the school for ‘insulting’ the students in an inhumane manner.

In their complaint, they have alleged that though there was a provision to pay school fees in two instalments, school authorities had demanded the parents to pay the fees in a single instalment. “Only when BEO intervened did the school authorities allow the students to attend classes,” they said.


On Monday, about 40 students were made to stand out of the school compound for non-payment of fees on a single installment.

School authorities had reportedly told the children that only if they pay the full fees will they be allowed to attend classes.

Parents of the children who rushed to the school had staged a protest and demanded action against the authorities.

Following the protests, Ramalingu who visited the School instructed the authorities to allow the payment of fees in two installments.