'Don't want an image which can't be broken'

'Don't want an image which can't be broken'

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Last seen opposite Arjun Kapoor in her debut film Aurangzeb, Sasha Agha hogged limelight for her sexy image in the film.

Daughter of Pakistani squash player Rehmat Khan and singer Salma Agha, Sasha entered Bollywood with the biggest production  house - Yash Raj Films. She will now be seen in Anand Kumar’s Desi Kattey.

The production house is not as huge as Yash Raj but it hardly matters to Sasha, who was recently in the City to promote Desi Kattey. “For me, the character I am playing in any film is more important. After Aurangzeb I was looking for a traditional Indian woman type character who wears salwar suit. I got that character in Desi Kattey,” giggles Sasha.

Apparently she wants to change the mindset of the people towards her - from being a hot sexy siren in her debut film to a simple desi girl in her second film. “For me it’s a really big jump. I don’t want to create an image which can’t be broken in the future. Secondly, if production houses were to play a role in deciding the fate of the actor then Shraddha Kapoor would not have been known to the world. She started with the Bhatt camp and look at her now. She is doing work with all big banners in the industry today.”

The 23-year-old actress is comfortable portraying a sexy image on screen. “Aditya Chopra offered me the role in Aurangzeb. He must have thought something about me and that I could easily fit into the character. He is running a film factory and he knows exactly what he wants. Since I was given that opportunity by Aditya, I had no reasons to refuse it,” says Sasha.

But the actress believes in following her instincts too while signing any film. “I look for projects where I can fit in. There is no point doing a film where I feel detached with the character. I won’t be able to justify it. And if you are not sure of something that you are doing then luck, destiny, good production house and even perfect direction don’t matter. Everything will fall flat,” she explains seriously.

When asked about her mother Salma’s (who was also once a part of Bollywood) role in Sasha’s life, the actress says, “She has always given me the freedom to do whatever I have wanted to do in life. She never interferes in my life. Even if I seek advice from her, she helps me with that but at the end she also ensures that it is my call to say yes or no to any assignment.”