Language in a card

Language in a card

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Language in a card

A number of languages are spoken in a cosmopolitan city like Bangalore. But with a large number of people coming here from various parts of the country and the world, not many understand or speak Kannada.

 It was this problem that led Anil Shetty, the founder of ‘Peace Auto’, to come up with a pocket-sized card that teaches basic Kannada in the easiest possible manner. The card consists of 34 easy Kannada words written in English along with their English translation. 

The ever-friendly peace auto drivers are more than happy to do their duty of giving these cards to their passengers. Exclaims Kumar, an auto driver who resides in Bommanahalli, “The response has been excellent. The passengers are liking it a lot. I give at least one card out everyday.” According to Anil Shetty, language is more than just a medium of communication. “If you can’t protect your language, you won’t be able to save your culture. It has many emotions.

This initiative is not just about learning Kannada, it’s also about sharing emotions and bonding with the locals,” he says. He wishes to promote a sense of belonging among the people. “We are neither language fanatics nor do we have any vested interest. Our dream is to make Bangalore the most peaceful, prosperous and beautiful city in the world,” he adds. 

“Just like how Bangaloreans have learnt a number of languages from the people coming here, the outsiders should learn Kannada too. It will only help them communicate better with the locals,” he says. 

“We aren’t teaching them literature. It’s just some basic terms that are used in day-to-day life,” he adds. 

The commuters have been highly benefited by this small yet noble effort. Manoj Suyal, a software developer in Wipro, travels from Koramangala to Silk Board Junction and uses peace autos regularly. “I am from Nainital and don’t know anything about Kannada. So this is a great way to learn the language. This initiative is a great concept which will help me connect with local people. Thanks to it, I have begun to understand the language,” he says.  

Athira Menon, who works with an NGO, had a pleasant experience too. “I was on Race Course Road when I asked a peace auto to take me to BTM Layout in Hindi. Later, I was telling him which route to take in Hindi again. Then he asked me if I knew Kannada and gave me the card. I have been using it regularly especially while conversing with vegetable sellers,” she feels.

So if you catch a peace auto to go to your destination, don’t forget to ask your auto driver for the card.