Christmas Decor

Christmas Decor

Christmas Decor

Here’s a decor project you can take up for Christmas. Even  children can carry out this project with a little guidance from the elders at home. Material needed:  Old newspapers, cartons, greeting cards, innovative wedding cards, pictures from old table calendars, colourful plastic, a pair of scissors, insulation tape, scrap cloth and maida paste (you can make it on your own) or paper gum.

Glue made from maida lasts longer and sticks better and certainly more economical.
Take two table spoons of maida and mix it in a quarter litre of water and pour the entire contents on to a frying pan and cook it over a slow flame.

Keep stirring the contents so that it does not form lumps and thickens into a paste, just as you turn off the flame add half a spoon of anti-termite powder to make your gum inedible to insects. Let the adhesive cool before you use it and do make sure that the little ones in your home do not get to taste it.

Once the glue is ready work on your unique canvass.Undo the carton and press it in such a way that there are just two layers of the carton and paste them together.

Paste old news papers all over the carton in such a way so that the entire board is covered neatly and evenly. The base of your scrap board wall is ready. Take out all your greeting cards and separate them in terms of their sizes. Cut out the picture portion of the greeting cards and keep them aside.

Paste the larger pictures along the borders of the board. Apply the glue on the entire back portion of the card. While pasting the pictures keep the concept of colour contrast in mind so that the final effect is pleasant. Paste the small pictures on the inside in such a way so that there is absolutely no space between them.

When you use glue all over you will find the greeting cards going damp and sometimes forming small upraised crinkles. Use the scrap cloth to even them from time to time and they will be fine when they dry up.

When the entire surface is covered with pictures, you could cut out silhouettes from some the remainder cards and glue them on in regions where the ends of four cards meet or overlap to give strength to your work besides making it look more colourful. Once the work on the interior of the board is complete, use the colourful insulation tape and paste it along the border firmly without forming any wrinkles, you will realise that this exercise adds strength and beauty to your work of art.

Now that your backdrop is complete place it against any wall of your home or on a table and arrange your Christmas altar in that place. You can follow this method to make bigger or smaller backdrops and add colour to your home.