Watching your diet


“We now have over 160 varieties of bakery products, ranging from breads and pizza bases, to eggless and plum cakes. Some of our products are unique to our brand and meant for a specific need and requirement. For example our whole wheat, glucose and sandwich breads have been specially developed for the diet-conscious consumer. Glucose bread is made using liquid glucose and gives one an instant energy boost while the pre-cut triangular sandwich loaves are very user friendly,” explains Bhat.

Beekays was named after its founders’ initials, B Bhat and K Bhat, who decided to  branch out on their own in 1985.  “Vitamin enriched rusks and rusks made from rava, savoury biscuits flavoured with spices like cumin and fennel, speciality items like vada pav and even specially made chappaties and phulkas for the busy housewife or career person are just some of our latest innovations,” says R  Dashaguna, Operations Manager of Beekays.
The brand has expanded to different parts of the City from supermarket shelves to IT food courts. “We have already set up two franchise outlets — Beekays' Corner and hope to have at least 10 units by 2010,” adds Bhat.

“We have introduced the Kopykake concept in cake decoration,  have a food technologist as our director and a hotel management graduate to take care of product development,” he says.Beekays is all stocked up for Christmas.

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