An evening just for laughs!

An evening just for laughs!


An evening just for laughs!

Dramatic : A scene from Makhmal Topi. Master Hiranaiah was back in his comic best in Makhmal Topi, a play that was staged in the City recently.

The evening began with an invocation. The hall was packed to the hilt with theatre lovers and fans of Master Hiranaiah. The play took a dig at the political setup of the State as well as the country. Political mistakes, errors and the drama that ensues. Incidents right from the Rajiv Gandhi era, right up to the BS Yeddyurappa issue was taken up and mocked at during the play.

The story is woven around a household which includes a widow and her stepdaughter, who have a secretary and a domestic helper at home. Little is said about all the people who interact with them. At the end of every act, a small social and philosophical message was read out. That every act of the play came with a message was indeed enlightening.
Master Hiranaiah who played a bridegroom for the widow’s stepdaughter did justice to his role as a smart bridegroom.

 He was able to deal well with all the situations. Sahukara Basappa, another rich merchant, who is all set to stand for the municipal elections.

This character portrayed the flimsiness of some of the politicians who have no educational qualifications and no urge to serve the people.

The stage was used quite well, props were average. One spotted a few characters sitting around the stage doing nothing.

Tanmay,  who is a home-maker and had come to see the play says, “I like Master Hiranaiah and he was the one and only reason for me to come and watch the play.  Sahukara Basappa and Shiromani were equally entertaining.”