Compensation assured to endosulfan affected families

Compensation assured to endosulfan affected families

Victims found in Kokkada, Patrame, Koukrady, Alankar villages

Compensation assured to endosulfan affected families

cursed: Endosulfan affected persons at a meeting attended by former minister Shobha Karandlaje at Upparapalike near Kokkada on Saturday. dh photo

She met Subrahmanya Rao, the son of Ganesh Rao; Santhosh Menezes, the son of Albert Menezes and Tulasi in the care of one Ramanna Gowda and listened to their woes.

Later addressing a meeting organised by federation of various organisations at Upparapalike, Karandlaje said she has realised the seriousness of the problems being faced by the endosulfan victims.

“I had heard that the pesticide had caused havocs in about 200 houses in this area due to the spray of endosulfan by the KCDC between 1980 and 2000, but now I have realised the extent of the problem,” she said.

The Health department has already identified 175 families in Kokkada and Patrame villages as endosulfan-affected families, she said adding that many such families are also there at Kaukrady, Alankar, Halenerenki of Puttur taluk.

“I will draw the issue to the attention of Chief Minister with a proposal of giving Rs 25,000 compensation and Rs 1,000 monthly allowance to each family. I will urge for immediate steps,” the MLA said.

Endosulfan has been banned in many countries across the world, but the Union Agriculture Minister has denied such a possibility, Karandlaje said. She also said she would initiate the issue in the forthcoming Assembly session with a demand to ban the pesticide in India too.