Deck up like a man!

Deck up like a man!

Deck up like a man!

Minimalistic, understated and elegant, platinum accessories are a classy choice for men. It is now also a symbol of success and spending power, notes Karen Zaveri.

Platinum is a naturally occurring white metal, and the most discerning of men, even Maharajas of the past, have been allured by its charm. The wondrous metal is very modern in its demeanour, but ironically, its origin dates back to two billion years ago, entering the earth through a meteorite crash!

The Platinum Guild International conducted a consumer research across Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Delhi, for men’s jewellery and the results were quite positively inclined towards platinum.

The research also reveals that gold and platinum operate in two very distinct spaces - while gold is perceived to be traditional, time-tested and common, platinum is thought to be modern, unique in design and an eternal symbol of success and style.

The highlights of the survey also state that the metal is associated with purity and durability, and because it is precious, satisfies the value consideration, while offering the wearer exclusivity.

The platinum jewellery category, by itself, has grown at a fast pace of 53 percent in terms of retail sales last year and there are many good reasons for the surge in its universality. Style aside, it has much to do with the practicality of this metal.

Platinum is a very dense metal and has inherent strength. It is minimalistic, understated and eternal metal. The heft and weight of the metal can make for a substantive piece of jewellery without being too flashy. Besides, platinum is seen as a new metal and thus completes the emotional need for a unique look.

Platinum is exceptionally rare and this quality makes it one of the most sought after precious metals. It is no wonder that men from all walks of life, who have a keen fashion sense, have been known to indulge in platinum accessories. The gleam of the metal and its tenacity makes it the perfect choice for men as it is subtle, classy and elegant.

Platinum, the noble metal, is unpretentious and a guarantee of unmatched purity. Naturally white, it looks good without being loud. Young men today are not only looking at bands in platinum, but are also taking to platinum chains and bracelets.

High involvement in jewellery purchase, and the time spent on evaluating quality, hallmarking, product information and design prove that men today are informed jewellery buyers. Modern successful Indian men are at ease when indulging in jewellery to enhance their style quotient, making a definitive statement.

From cufflinks and bracelets, to chains and rings, there are plenty of elegant platinum accessories men can choose from.

Achievements are precious and timeless, just like the metal platinum. What better way to celebrate milestones in your life than with eternal platinum. On gaining financial independence, owning a piece of jewellery is a mark of success and establishes the man’s self-purchasing power.

The desire to purchase and wear platinum is being fuelled by a need to be set apart, being ahead of the curve and first amongst peers.

For the Indian market, the platinum design themes take inspiration from the trends forecasted by WGSN, a worldwide leader in design trends. Futuristic, modern and brave new shapes, geometrics, structural and engineered designs are in, and are here to stand the test of time.

Each piece of jewellery highlights the texture and glory of platinum - matt and satin combination finishes holding designs like dual-finish knots or box links, crafted keeping in mind the urban man’s sense of style.

(The writer is the manager (India), PR & online communications, Platinum Guild International)