Hacking competitions

Hacking competitions

The Centre for Public Policy at IIM Bangalore will host two hacking competitions with the aim to “generate insights and tools for policy and governance” on August 9.

The competitions are ‘IIMB Policy Hack’ and ‘IIMB App for Governance’ and they are open to public participation. The former is a team event on solving various policy challenges by developing data based responses. 

Accordingly participants will be given a large dataset (e.g. NSSO, Census) on particular domains of social policy. Each team will have to choose one domain. They will then be given 24 hours to develop a solution to the key challenges posed, with the help of the given data. 

The winners will receive cash prizes of Rs. 40,000 (first prize), Rs. 20,000 (first runners up) and Rs. 10,000 (second runners up). For more information write to: cppconference@iimb.ernet.in

IIMB is also inviting papers on Housing Sector, Growth and Financial Stability, to be held from December 11 to 13. The interested should mail the papers in PDF format before August 30, to: chetan.s@iimb.ernet.in; charansingh@iimb.ernet.in; arebucci@jhu.edu and ploungani@imf.org.