Time for some melting delights

Time for some melting delights

Time for some melting delights

A small shop called ‘Yumm Bite’, located on Museum Road, is a hub for school students as they offer a variety of ice-creams.

The reasonable pricing is what attracts people to ‘Yumm Bite’. Mary Elizabeth, the owner, says, “In a short span, we have done good business and we have a lot of students and others coming here.”

This place is for ice-cream lovers who like no-frills ice cream. ‘Yumm Bite’ offers flavours like choco-chips, coffee, pista, anjeer, strawberry, black currant, fruit bonanza, kesar, choco-mania, coffee with choco chips, mango ice-creams.

“They have some fresh ice- creams and you can literally feel the ‘kesar’ or mango in your mouth,” says Ashwini, a customer at the eatery.  They also have candys which are yummy and mouthwatering. Raspberry, mango, orange are the favourites of customers.

For a quick evening bite, ‘Yumm Bite’ has some freshly made sandwiches in their menu — spinach corn sandwich, cheese sandwich, chocolate, veg sandwich and sweet sandwich etc “I love the sandwiches here. They make it fresh, it’s reasonable and very good. My favourite is the cheese sandwich,” says Prashant, a regular customer.

The sodas here are fresh and totally worth your money ike lemon soda, blue crush soda, grape juices and pulp juices.

‘Yumm Bite’ offers quick service and everything you get here is fresh. Th ambience is bright but there is no seating arrangement since most people just pick up a scoop of ice cream or sandwich and walk away.