Returning to the small screen

Returning to the small screen

Returning to the small screen

Golden Star’ Ganesh is best remembered for his television show, ‘Comedy Time’ where he used to throw in a lot of one-liners to spice up the show and he will soon hit the television again with ‘Super Minute’, a game show.

Ganesh has already begun work and has just completed the photo shoot for the show. Sources working on the show reveal that the first 32 episodes will have only celebrities on board.

“The first 32 episodes will feature only celebrities which not only include actors but politicians and cricketers as well. The show will not only feature Ganesh in conversation with the stars but there will also celebrities performing on the show. The game show has been scripted in a different format,” informs the source. 

Shilpa Ganesh can’t contain her excitement when she says, “A lot of people have been asking Ganesh about returning to television and I am sure a lot of people will instantly relate to his days in television. Ganesh is known for his quick sense of humour and that will come alive once again on this show.” 

Sources add that the makers of American TV show ‘Minute to Win It’ visited the sets of the show, in the City, to make nothing is amiss.

 “We had to get their approval before we got started on the show. There’s nothing less than Rs 30 lakh being spent per show. The celebrities who come on the show will donate their prize money for a good cause,” adds the source. 

Ganesh sums up, “It pays to be open to all kinds of roles. I know television is going to open up more challenges for me but I would like to experiment with everything in the business of entertainment.”