Symbol of nation's heritage and pride

Symbol of nation's heritage and pride

Red Fort

This year’s Independence Day will be one of those very few days which has been much anticipated.

This will be the first ever address delivered by a Prime Minister born after Independence and will be the first in 10 years to be delivered by a PM who is not from the Indian National Congress. 

This year marks the 68th year of India’s Independence from British rule. On this day, the whole country tunes in to the live telecast from Delhi to watch the Prime Minister unfurl the Tricolour at the historic Red Fort. The preparations for the nation’s big day have been going on at a frenetic pace for a while now and are nearing completion. Delhi wears a clean, green and festive look draped in the colours of freedom, while buildings of national importance have been illuminated to enhance the festive fervour. 

Not surprising that the whole atmosphere in Delhi 6 changes as Independence Day approaches. There is an infectious frenetic energy all around, barricades have been  placed on roads due to facilitate VIP movements even as hundreds of police personnel and elite guards take up position to ensure a trouble-free I-Day celebration.

Metrolife spoke to Alok Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), central district to find out about the special arrangements being done this time. The DCP refused to divulge any details, saying, “We are not supposed to give any details related to Independence Day preparations in Red Fort due to security reasons. We are just doing our duty.” On the other hand, BR Mani, Additional Director General, Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), said, “There is nothing new that we are doing this year. It is the regular work that is being carried out at the fort– repairing, painting, planting trees, etc. We have had meetings with senior officials, from Army, police to Government officials and are working accordingly, though, there are no special commands from the higher authorities for this I-Day.”

A virtual jewel in Delhi’s crown and standing tall through the passage of time, the history of Red Fort cannot be summed up in words as its history is connected with centuries of Mughal rule in the country. Built by the Mughal ruler Shah Jahan, this mammoth sized fort made a distinguished presence in the medieval time of India and is linked to the timeline of this country even to this day and time. Built from the red sandstone that lent it its distinct hue and name, the majestic Red Fort took 10 years to complete. It instilled a sense of grandeur and strength in the Mughal times and has continued to stand as a vanguard of purani Dilli and its multi-hued cultural heritage. Today, it is one of most sought after tourist destination in the city.

As per reports, around 10,000 members of the general public will be present at the historic Red Fort to witness Prime Minister Narendra Modi deliver his maiden Independence Day speech to the nation. And to add to the joy of the public, Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) will provide free ride to all commuters in all its buses in the national Capital between 6 am and 10 am on August 15 so that they can be a part of the grand celebration. Residing in Chandni Chowk, opposite the Red Fort, Karan Yadav talks about the festivity in the air in the run-up to the historic day. “I have been living here since my birth and have witnessed all the I-Day celebrations. Things have changed drastically over the years. Now there are cops all over and roads have become  free of encroachment and driver-friendly, which is normally next-to-impossible in this area. Truly, this area totally transforms in the run-up to this big day