Learning - An endless process

Learning - An endless process

Learning is an endless process. People who have a genuine craving to learn have realised that all knowledge is inter-related and it certainly does not lie in the realms of the education system alone.

Schools, colleges and universities certainly play a definite role in educating young minds. Yet they cannot be considered to be the final word on the subject. Completing course after course and clearing examinations and acquiring degrees alone cannot certify anybody as a scholar. The Vedas which endorse inculcating holistic intellect say let learning come to me from all directions. Hence, avid learners will recognise learning opportunities that come their way in the form of people, situations, experience and even casual conversations and make the best use of them for upgrading self and society.

It is said that Bharadwaja Muni is the pendant in the necklace called the Saptarishis. The sage, a significant personality in the Vedas, was a great scholar. He wanted to assimilate as much knowledge as possible despite being extremely learned and accomplished at a very young age. Hence he performed a severe penance to Indra in order to learn more. Indra appeared before the young scholar and bade him to utilise the knowledge that was in his possession for the welfare of the world before seeking more. Accordingly, sage Bharadwaja suspended his studies, married a wise lady called Susheela and involved himself in the application of knowledge.

He was able to make a palpable difference in the lives of the sages and make positive influences on the administration of the land. He was the de facto king of Bharathadesha till the Bhumanyu the baby son of the dead king came of age. He established a renowned Gurukula on the banks of river Saraswathi and was instrumental in shaping several erudite and competent disciples who made a difference to the world.

Once when the country was inflicted with an epidemic, Sage Bharadwaja learned Ayurveda from the gods, used it to eradicate the ailment and recorded the same for the future use of mankind. He raised and trained an army to kill Shambarasura and protect the kingdom of Kashi and Dharma at large. In the Ramayana he guided Rama, Lakshmana and Sita to Chitrakoota and offered solace to Bharatha and encouraged him to rule over Ayodhya righteously. In the Mahabharata he fathered the greatest archer Drona and also tutored both Drona and Drupada in all areas of knowledge.

People who utilise the knowledge acquired by them will find that all learning is inter-disciplinary. The discipline of learning will make them competent and hone their expertise in more ways than one. If knowledge is punctuated with compassion they can make the world a better place.