'Private customs of Wadiyar family will continue'

'Private customs of Wadiyar family will continue'

'Private customs of Wadiyar family will continue'

Pramoda Devi, widow of Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar, has described as far from truth reports that the Wadiyars will not observe Dasara festivities this year.

“Observing rituals related to Dasara are entirely private customs and traditions unique to the family. These shall continue,” she said in a press release. Revenue Minister V Sreenivas Prasad, on Saturday, had said that rituals of the Wadiyar family such as the private durbar will not be held during Dasara this year. She said that it was her earnest endeavor to ensurethat the age-old customs and traditions shall survive and continue for future generations.

Reacting to statements that there were differences between her and the State government, she said that the government had respected her family sentiments and, “there are no differences between the government and the family as far as conducting Dasara festivities is concerned.”

“It is wrong to say that I am not co-operating with the government. However, I have requested it to respect the sentiments of the family,” she said.

On the press meet conducted by her earlier this month, she said that it was neither a “helpless appeal to the government” nor did she use the platform for “blackmailing” the government. Pramoda said that her statements were misconstrued and that she had only expressed the predicament of the family.

“The press meet was held with an intention to clear any ambiguity, to silence rumourmongers and to ensure that the public is made aware of hard facts and authentic information,” she said.

On the statements by historian P V Nanjaraj Urs, she said that Urs was in no way associated with the royal family of Mysore and was not “authorised to speak on behalf of the family”.

“It is therefore clear that such statements made by Prof P V Nanjaraj Urs should not be construed as authentic and deserve to be ignored,” she said.