Chronicles of a mindscape

Chronicles of a mindscape

Artistic Experience

Maintaining a tranquil outlook, Vikash Kalra’s recent monographic exhibition ‘The Alchemist’ expresses his thoughts and expressions by voyaging across the subcontinent over the year.

His canvas illustrates vivid depiction of the landscapes featuring wooden rooftops, solitary roads and snowy mountains, rendering an artistic experience, which is on display at Art andAesthetics art gallery in Lado Sarai. 

While speaking to Metrolife, Kalra prefers his art to be called as a product of his state of mind rather than terming it as a travelling experience. “It is more of a piece that portrays the state of mind. It is all about the thoughts that come to my mind. Sometimes I desire to reach at the peak of the Himalayas or somewhere else, so I paint it onthe canvas,” said Kalra, who counts Pablo Picasso and Francis Newton Souza as his inspiration. 

Kalra believes that life is a game and one should just play along with it. “If we think work in terms of work, it would be boring and difficult to complete, but if you think work in terms of play, it would interest you. Thus, I play with my paintings and thoughts as it gives me satisfaction,” he added. When asked if there is any ambitious subject that he would like to put on the canvas, he says, “I can see the glimpses of it but I haven’t conceptualised it as of yet.”
 Applauding Kalra’s work, the managing director of Gallery Five, Sanjay Kumar Sethia said, “An artist’s work doesn’t necessarily has to have a meaning to it. It depends on how a viewer interprets it. An art gives out virtues like positive energy, calmness, joy and Kalra’s work has certainly been able to achieve that.”

“What makes him different from his contemporaries is the fact that he has been able to produce works which are reactionary in nature and that speaks for itself. Being a humble person, the amount of energy he put in his work is extraordinary” he added.