The winners take it all

The winners take it all

The winners take it all

A group of 13 delegates from Bishop Cotton Boys’ School came back victorious after winning the ‘Best Large Delegation’ award at this year’s edition of Harvard Model United Nations.

The four-day conference took place in Hyderabad with over 1,500 delegates from 15 countries, representing over 100 schools.

Harvard University assigned the students the country they would be representing ahead of time, and gave them three months to prepare.

The students of Bishop Cotton Boys’ School were representing Russia and they were well-versed in the on-goings of the Soviet super bloc. Each of the 13 delegates represented a different committee throughout the four day event.

The topics given to the students this year ranged from ‘reproductive rights of women’ to ‘nuclear

“The biggest challenge was to convince 400 people and ask them to sign the resolution. We had to be diplomatic and not insult anyone,” said Sidhant Gupta, who represented World Health Organisation committee. 
Bishop Cotton Boys’ School has been participating in the conference for the past three years and this was first time it has won the award and is the first Indian school to do so.

“We prepared a lot for this conference. We looked up on the net, discussed among ourselves and we also referred the archives,” said Aditya Siroya, who represented the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee. Some of the committees that the students represented were English Long Parliament, Press Corps, UN Environment Programme and Special Political and Decolonisation Committee.

 “The best part about this conference is we got to meet a lot of new people and also to learn from the Chair, who were so educated and learned,” said Siddharth Jayaprakash.

“The skills required were public speaking and the ability to convince such learned people without insulting them. We could not just cook up stories and get away with it. We had to logically reason everything out,” said Abhinav.

“It is a rolling trophy. Last year Pakistan won the trophy and this year it’s us. The trophy will reach us within next month from Karachi Grammer School,” added Sidhant Gupta.