Akshay doesn't find it tough to do four films a year

Akshay doesn't find it tough to do four films a year

Akshay Kumar has revealed that he does not find it difficult to do three-four films a year and at the same time can easily find time for family.

"I have been doing this since 24 years, I don't think why I should stop it. I don't find difficulty. I work eight hours a day. I take maximum holidays in film industry and manage to do three-four films a year and release it.

"A lot of time I have been asked about gap between my films. A film takes approximately 60 days, then for four films it takes 240 days. There are 365 days in a year so there are remaining 125 days to holiday," Akshay said.

This year so far Akshay had two releases - 'Holiday' and 'Entertainment'. His film 'Shaukeen' will be releasing in November. His other upcoming releases include 'Gabbar', 'Baby', 'Singh Is Bling', 'Brothers' and 'Airlift'.

Despite doing multiple projects at a time, Akshay, 46, consciously tries to work in different kind of movies.

"I love to juggle between various genres. I love the fact that I can do all the genres and it makes me very happy that people accept me in films like 'Oh My God', 'Special 26', 'Holiday', ' Entertainment'," Akshay said.

"It is not necessary to keep switching to various genres to survive in the industry as there are actors who are working on one or two genres and are surviving in the industry. I think it is a personal choice," he said.

"When I joined film industry, I started with action films, but then after sometime I was bored seeing myself doing the same stuff. When I am bored then others will also get bored. So I switched to romance, comedy and did negative roles. I try to do different stuff to entertain people," he said.

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