Sharing a tradition

Sharing a tradition


Sharing a tradition

Sacred prayers: Many non-Christians also attend the Christmas eve mass in the church.

"I have done my schooling in a convent. So from a very young age, I know the significance of Christmas. I believe in Santa Claus and to keep this belief of mine alive, my parents used to get me gifts. We still continue that tradition. I usually go out with my cousins for dinner and sometime we even cut cakes," said Nishanth V, an engineering student. "Every year, I go to my Christians friends' homes to have cookies and the delicacies," he adds.

Some celebrate Christmas because they like the mood and the feel of the festival while others do it because they celebrate all festivals alike. Aishwarya, a student, said that she celebrates Christmas because she likes the idea of decorating her house and also going out with friends.

"My friends and I meet up at some place and hang around. All the shops and streets don a festive look which is a pleasant change. I also like it because it is a holiday," she said.
"I love baking cakes and Christmas is an ideal occasion to make one. My son is small and he likes the way the house is decorated during Christmas. I have told him about Santa Claus and get him small gifts every year. It is nice to see the joy on his face," said Ambika, a home-maker.

"My family owns a restaurant and we deck it up with mistletoes, paper Santa Clauses and red and green buntings. I help in the decoration which is why I look forward to this festival. Once all the work is done, my friends and I meet up and go driving around the City because it is a beautiful sight to see. The roads are all lit up. I wait for this time of the year," said Fuad, a student.

"My work place celebrates all festivals and Christmas is one of them. The office is decorated and looks lovely. On the eve of Christmas, once we finish our work, we colleagues go for a long drive and once we hit the highway, we cut a cake and celebrate. We have been doing this for quite some time now," said Sunil Prakash, a Senior Financial Sales Manager of a leading bank.
Santhoshi K M