No bang for the buck

No bang for the buck

No bang for the buck

Bang Bang
Hindi (U/A) ¬¬
Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif
Director: Siddharth Anand

Katrina looks a million dollars but struggles to find a boyfriend. Why? She is not on dating website ‘trueluvv.’ Aww!

Good sense prevails though and Ms Kaif is out to find her match online, with ample support from her go-get-your-man granny. 

And she does find her man –– a mean machine. Hrithik Roshan dances, swims, cooks, jet-skiis, flyboards and shows off his abs. That’s more than enough for Kaif to salivate.

Now, Hrithik is equally good at shooting, killing and, ahem, stealing stones (nothing less than the Kohinoor, mind you). This time, Kaif palpitates. But she isn’t ready to leave the ‘international criminal.’ She tags along, as the jewel thief goes about conning and killing more people across three continents.

There is a hint of a chemistry after two-three songs, but all that Katrina feels even after a tight embrace are guns and not love. The man is fully loaded, you see.

Bang Bang empties a truckload of bullets to live up to its explosive title. But if one bothers to count, there are more product placements than bullets.

 At one point, the hero gulps down a particular drink, enlightens his girl that “darr ke aage jeet hain” and jumps off a cliff. And thud goes whatever honest is left of the film, which is an official remake of Knight and Day.

Talking of the lead pair, a giggle-happy Katrina undoes all the good work done by a trigger-happy, but earnest, Hrithik.

Sorry, no bang for your buck here.