Muslims to observe Muharram today

Muslims to observe Muharram today

 On Sunday, a majlis (congregation) was held at Masjid-e-Askari near Johnson Market.
“Both Shia and Sunni Muslims participated in the congregation and refreshed the martyrdom of Hazrath Hussain who had laid down his precious life battling the forces of the second Umayyad Caliph Yazid at Karbala, Iraq in 680,” informed Maulana Imtiaz Haider, a prominent Shia leader and member of the Haj Committee of India.

Come Monday, Shia Muslims will organise various programmes mourning Hazrat Hussain's martyrdom.

While Shias observe mourning and bereavement sessions in memory of Hazrat Hussain's martyrdom, Sunnis fast on this day and its preceding or the following day marking Israelites' liberation under Prophet Moses from the clutches of Egyptian emperor Pharoah.

Mourners will congregate at Bada Ghar, Bab-ul-Hawaij, Imamiya Manzil and other Imam Badas in the City for sorrowful and poetic recitations such as marsiya, noha and soaz lamenting and grieving to the tune of beating drums and chants of ‘Ya Hussain’. At 10 am, Amal-e-Ashurah will be performed where prayers and ziyarat will be held. Later, a Juloos-e-Azza and Taziya (processions reenacting the Battle of Karbala) will be organised. At the end, mourning sessions will be held.

Sunni Muslims, particularly those belonging to the Barelvi school of thought, will distribute sharbat (sweet drink) to the public reliving the thirst Hazrat Hussain underwent before his martyrdom.

“Sharbat will be distributed in various localities to the public irrespective of religion, caste and creed,” said Maualan Qadeer Ahmad Ada-ul-Amiri.