Giving more life to your knees

Knees are a cause for concern. Nowadays, even for people in their 30s and 40s.

 If you wish to prevent your knees from degeneration, here’s what you must do:

n The biggest myth is that staircases are good for health. Stairs are man-made; they are not natural. The knee biomechanics is not suited for climbing stairs.

 So, even though those flight of stairs may be good for your heart, they are bad for your knees. So, skip those stairs and think of some other heart-friendly activities.

n A walk everyday, for 20-30 minutes, is a great way to keep your knees healthy.n Keep your weight under control. 

Obesity is one of the major causes of knee problems. The closer you inch to your ideal weight, the better your knees will fare.

n Men should get their uric acid tested frequently to avoid knee damage by gout.

n Once you develop pain in your knees, do consult your doctor immediately to prevent further damage.

n In case your legs are bent inwards or outwards, do follow the advice of your orthopaedic to prevent severe damage to your knees, which may later require a replacement.

n Get your children’s vitamin D levels checked. More than 90 per cent children in India are deficient in vitamin D. The deficiency may predispose your children to develop knee deformities, which may require knee replacement later in their life.

In some conditions, replacement arthroplasty or joint replacement surgery (a procedure in which the arthritic or dysfunctional joint surface is replaced with an orthopaedic prosthesis) may be the best option.
(The author is senior consultant, orthopaedics and joint replacement, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi)

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