After "Paa", it's Abhishek's turn to turn TV host

After "Paa", it's Abhishek's turn to turn TV host

After "Paa", it's Abhishek's turn to turn TV host

The General Entertainment Channel (GEC) has pulled a coup of sorts by roping in the son after having the father to host the third season of "Big Boss" which ended last week.

Abhishek said, "National Bingo Night is a fun filled show where the whole country will be my guest without applying any brains or answer any difficult questions. This is such a chilled out concept and something that has never been done before in India. The sheer simplicity of the idea and the fact that this show is highly interactive is what attracted me to it."

The idea here is that it's a show which is to be enjoyed by relaxing. That's why we came up with the concept of Aaram Classes...we want people to chill out and play this game. There's no stress, no tension involved at all, he said.
"Bingo" will go on air from next month. "It's a game which the audience can enjoy with  "aaram" on the couch, he said.

The concept of the show is such that instead of just being mute spectators, the viewers of the show both in and out of the studio will also participate in it live.
In the past few weeks, viewers of the channel got to see glimpses of Abhishek Bachchan reclining on an easy lazy boy chair or dozing in a cosy bed in promos announcing the launch of his 'Aaram Classes'.
Abhishek Aaram Classes is the engagement platform for the new show produced by Fox Television Studios India Pvt Ltd.

Ashvini Yardi, programming head of the channel said that "National Bingo Night" is a show  where not only the studio contestant but also the studio audience and the television viewers will participate in a game in real time.

Playing two fast paced rounds of the popular guessing game 'Bingo' where the studio contestant plays one of many in-studio games, which is driven by the game ball numbers. The others, meanwhile, have to predict the numbers and match them with the tickets that will be handed out to them. It's a game where not intellect but luck and good guesswork determines the winners.

"Abhishek Bachchan embodies the charm, the grace and the persona of the young India. The audiences will enjoy his style and impish sense of humour along with the fun-filled game of Bingo, she said.
National Bingo Night is a game show with international format originally owned by 20th Century Fox Television Distribution, and which has run successfully in countries like the US, Australia and Philippines.