LG to introduce more LED TVs; aims to sell 3 lkh units by 2010

LG to introduce more LED TVs; aims to sell 3 lkh units by 2010

 "LED TV is one of the focussed areas of the company. We will launch more advanced ones in the first half of 2010," LG Electronics India Head of Sales Amitabh Tiwari said.

He said the company expects the segment to contribute about 20 per cent of its turnover by the end of next year. At present, LED (lighting emitting diodes) TVs accounts for less than four per cent of its overall sales.

The company said it expects to achieve a turnover of Rs 13,000 crore this fiscal-end, a 30 per cent growth as against the last financial year.

LG had introduced LED TVs in India in September this year and has already sold over 15,000 units of it. "With the new range, we expect that we will be able to sell around 2.3 lakh to 3 lakh units of it by the end of next year," Tiwari said.

Talking about the new product, he said the new LED TVs to be introduced will be more smaller and about three times more thinner than the present ones.

"One of the features of the new ones (LED TV) is that it will be more thinner. It will be about the size of 2.5 mml. The present ones are three times thicker," he said.

At present, LG sells two models (42LH90QR and 47LH90QR) of LED TVs and are priced at Rs 90,000 up to Rs 1,10,000 respectively.