Land issues dominate Janatha Darshan in Udupi

Land issues dominate Janatha Darshan in Udupi

Urban Development Minister Vinay Kumar Sorake said that the government is committed towards ensuring justice to the public grievances and Janatha Darshan would be instrumental in disposing of the pending files at all levels of governance.

MLA Pramodh Madhwaraj said that the administration would be simplified and made bribe-free service. He added that government would also assure early disposal of all files.

A committee was formed under the leadership of five MLAs. He said that officials would take measures to clear all the pending files within six months. He said Janatha Darshan would be held frequently prior to KDP meeting. He also hoped that the officials would ensure that no public will attend Janatha Darshan in future with grievances.

Land conversion

Gregory D’Silva from Sasthana in Udupi had applied for conversion of land which is of 71 years old, as he was unable to get loan on his land. The Byndoor special Tahsildar said that the land was granted under Land Tribunal and seeks deemed conversion.

He said documents like Panchayath NOC, 77A certificates are needed to be submitted for the conversion. Former ZP president Bhujanga Shetty said that the applicant is unnecessarily harassed as there is no need for documents for the conversion of old land. Conversion of the old land is very simple. The process was complicated following the intervention of the former Deputy Commissioner.

DC Dr Vishal said that the land conversion would be processed within 120 days. However, if the case is tracked under Sakala, the issue can be sorted out quickly. He added that deemed conversion is not possible without the permission of the government, as the land is granted under SC/ST beneficiary scheme.

Threat to end life

In another case, Ratnakar Samanth, an ex-serviceman from Saralabettu in Manipal threatened to commit suicide and reject all the medals bestowed on him by the government, if he is not saved from the complication pertaining to his land.

He alleged that the forest department is stopping him from taking up any further development in the land. In reply, the DFO said that the land was sanctioned after the 1980 reserve forests notification. He said the required process was not followed during granting of the land.

The DC said that as per the tribunal order, the ownership of the land will not be taken away from the applicant unless it is challenged legally. It is a legal grant. He said as per the rules under Section 49 of Karnataka Land Grant rules, the legal title will be clear until the land is challenged in KAT.

He said the reconciliation of the survey number will be done to look into the issue. If there are two different survey numbers, it has to be challenged to be set aside, he added. Advocate Benedict Noronha alleged that the RTC is nothing but root cause for corruption.

Even though mistakes are done by the officials concerned while computerising the RTC copy, the burden will be on the RTC holder and he will be harassed. Tahsildar has the rights to set right the typing error, but still he directs the RTC holder to go for higher appeal.

The DC said that the RTC is supporting document which acts as the strong evidence. He said the Tahsildar is given powers to set right the problems in RTCs, however there are possibilities of misuse. He said the power also brings strong prosecution.

Responding to the Heggunje panchayath president’s allegations over the illegal mining in Shiroor, the DC directed the Mining officer to take the issue into consideration, as there are 22 acres of land and there are 8-9 houses that are massively affected. There is 90 meter crack in the area.