Vishuvardhan and coastal connection

Vishuvardhan and coastal connection

Yakshagana prasanga of movies are rare in the district. However, Vishnuvardhan’s three movies have been made into Yakshagana prasangas.

The message of the movies have reached the Yakshagana lovers as well.
Devadas Eshwaramangala has brought three movies of Vishnuvardhan to the ‘Rangasthala.’ They include ‘Apthamithra,’ ‘Jeevajyothi’ and ‘Yajamana.’

The Apthamithra movie entered Yakshagana rangasthala as ‘Nagavalli.’
In 2005-06, Perdoor Mela under the direction of Devadas Eshwaramangala, the Nagavalli made its entry.

The Nagavalli part-2 also had a successful run in the Coastal district.  In 2006-07, the movie ‘Jeevanjyothi’ was staged as ‘Agninakshatra’ by Saaligrama mela.
In fact, Yakshagana lovers had loved this prasanga a lot.

The theme of Yajamana was produced as ‘Nadini Nandini’ and was staged in 2000 which also has seen success.

 ‘Nadini Nandini’ was staged in Tulu by Mangala Devi mela with the title ‘Vajra kutumba.’ “I was inspired after watching Apthamitra movie which was screened in Sathosh talkies in Bangalore.”

“After discussing it with friends, I tried to stage it as yakshagana. There was good response to ‘Nagavalli’ yakshagana when it was staged in Ravindra Kalakshetra, Bangalore,” said Eshwaramangala.

Minister condoles
District-in-Charge Minister in a press release has condoled the death of Vishnuvardhan, Ashwath and MLC Kailash.