Changing the art gallery paradigm

Changing the art gallery paradigm

Most galleries display art on white walls and in long white corridors, which could be slightly intimidating for an amateur artist or an armchair art enthusiast.

“We display art differently here. People do not need to forgo conversations, or keep their distance from the artwork, interested people come here and experience art,”
says Pankaj Mullik

The theme of the on-going show is ‘Suspended’, hence all artworks are suspended through strings on various structures, giving a feel that they were suspended in the air.

The last show held by D Art factory was in March 2014 which was called ‘Construction in D Art Factory’ where all the artworks seemed to be in the ‘construction stage’.

“At this event you experience live music and other instillations too,’’ says Mullik.
Cement, concrete and mortar, cob, glass, metal, stone, brick, wood, acrylic paint, chalk, charcoal, human finger (with ink or paint), sand or water-colour, you will find it all here.

Artworks dangling from trees, in the form of sculpture, cut out to look like a part of series, big and small are spread around to enliven a space that looked like a factory that had seen better days. In the chilly winter darkness you see the lights shining on the canvases, enhancing their glow.

Surbhi Mehta is the Curator of the show and the conceptualiser of D Art Factory.
Mehta says that, “For me it is only about creativity, we have made things here with scraps from a factory.”

Mehta left her regular job as an interior designer and started with international shows in Hong Kong and Singapore.

“When I went to the West, I saw that the way people do art shows there was very different, and I thought let me just try the same where I stay, which is Delhi,” said the artist-cum-curator.

Mehta says that the idea came to her when she visited an old factory, and that the ‘art factory’ is a concept. It is also called the ‘mobile art factory concept,’ as it does not have to happen in a factory, it just means a factory where the work keeps going on.’’

The venue changes every time with the theme of the show. ‘Suspended at D Art Factory’ goes on till the end of November in Gurgaon and the next venue may not be the same.
Every time, the factory looks out for more artists, as Mehta says “we do not go by the name but by the art. There is a mix of artists here; there are senior ones, students and also artists who are trying.”

As a concept D Art Factory is beautiful. Artists from all levels are coming together, learning from each other and adapting to the modern. But due to low funding, D Art Factory does not hold shows continuously. According to Mehta they are very keen on expanding, “we may be joining hands with a French artist and travel to France as well.”