CMC to offer more facilities to help devotees in Udupi

CMC to offer more facilities to help devotees in Udupi

Rs 2.70 lakh has been earmarked for maintaining cleanliness during Paryaya Mahotsava

Member Mohan Upadhyay raised the issue saying the devotees who come in large number are suffering from the asylum problem besides the problems of drinking water facilities and toilets. Parking problem has added to already existing traffic mess, he said.

President Dinaker Shetty informed that the CMC has made temporary arrangements by arranging parking facilities in privately owned places near Kalsanka. Temporary toilets have been set up besides measures have been taken to maintain the hygiene and sanitation, he said. Member Kudva expressed his dissatisfaction over the shelter facilities. He urged that the CMC should set up shelter camps in schools and temples.

Member Panduranga Malpe said that Malpe is also facing a similar problem with the increased flow of visitors. Tourists who throw wastes on the beach are a big threat to cleanliness. The number of visitors will increase during Paryaya. Prime importance should be given to health and sanitation, he said.

Briefing the house on the preparations taken up by CMC for the forthcoming ‘Paryaya Mohotsava,’ the President informed that all the major connecting roads in the city have been concretised at the cost of Rs 1.3 lakh. The money has been allotted from the CM’s fund for the purpose. A sum of Rs 2.70 lakh has been earmarked for cleanliness and sanitation, he added.

Member M R Pai accused that the countless mobile towers are posing threat to the health of the people. The mushrooming of the towers is the result of the violation of rules and regulation prescribed by CMC for which the CMC should collect taxes from the company owners, he opined.

Commissioner Gokuldas clarified that there are as many as 78 mobile towers in the city. Notice has been issued to the owners to clarify their license status. Some of them have responded to the notice. Majority have not sent their reply. The district administration has issued an order stating that the company owners should not be forced to pay the license fee. Hence, the CMC has a minimum role to play, he added. Vice President Indira Shekar was present.