Tough to hack it!

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Tough to hack it!

Computer users require passwords for many purposes. It may be for logging into accounts, retrieving e-mail from servers, accessing different applications and programmes or even reading a newspaper online. These passwords are formed from multiple words as people are fearful of hackers.

Ever wondered how people create so many confidential passwords day in and out? Many times, a password is a mix and match of alphabets and numerals. There are some people who even put their pet’s name as their password. Some even have their favourite automobile and movie’s name as their secret code. But some sentimental people put the names of their family members, friends and beloved as their watchwords. These unique passwords reflect their personalities and tastes to some extent. Metrolife takes a look at the psychology of youngsters while choosing a password for their personal accounts.

Shubha, a BPO employee says that most of her passwords are the names of her favourite automobiles especially cars. She has a fascination towards cars and hence, she puts the same for her passwords too. “Whenever a brand new car strikes the market, I get fascinated by it. I change my password in accordance with the new arrivals. And when the computer application in which I do accounting, asks for a new password every month, I instantaneously change the secret code.”

For Shriharsha B S, an engineering student, a password is something complicated that nobody can imagine. “I usually mix up more than two names for my password. Most of the time, it is a tricky combination of names of friends and family members and is common for all my accounts, social networking sites and my blog.” He further reveals the reason for it. “I am staying in hostel for higher studies and hence, obviously miss my parents and old friends. So this is a simple way to remember those who are close to my heart,” he gushes.

For Prasad, a student of National College, passwords depend on what strikes his mind while creating the account. “There is no logic behind my passwords, I choose them randomly. I give my pet’s name, or the names of tablets, my native place, my favourite movie and even my younger sister along with some digits so that hackers can’t hack it. I pick up different passwords for different accounts. It’s also true that it is difficult to remember all such passwords but I can manage,” he beams.

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