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Naye Daur ki Nai kahani
This refers to ‘125 years in politics: Sense and absence’ (DH, Jan 4). While serving chicken at BJP headquarters and invoking the name of the last man in the que — the ‘aam admi’ — by Nitin Gadkari sends a significant signal of the new direction BJP shall take under Gadkari, mere symbolism won’t do much.
To begin a ‘Naya daur’, Gadkari shall have to rise above mere symbolism and script a ‘Nai kahani’, by casting the Muslims, Dalits and OBCs and the poor of India, in the lead role. Gadkari shall have to gear up his party to fight for the cause of the ‘aam adami’, reeling under the weight of unprecedented inflation and raise the issues concerning the welfare of poor at all levels with sincerity and commitment to mitigate the image of BJP as a feudal party.
Mahendra B Jain

Work efficiently, please
I would like to draw your attention towards the non-deserving authorities of Belgaum, who had planted thousands of trees in Hanuman Nagar near TV centre locality. They are least bothered about taking proper care of these plants. They are not watered since they were planted. These plants are in pathetic condition. They are almost dried. I would like to bring a notice for these people that if they can’t do any work efficiently then please do not waste people money by joining such jobs.
rohit yadav

MEA should act sensibly
The Ministry of External affairs (India) should be quick in making Australia realise the seriousness of the issue. There is no use of believing Australian authorities, which seems to be taking the issue for granted. When cricketers and other sportsmen from that country behave very arrogantly whenever they come here and escape, it is surprising that Indians are haunted there unnecessarily. Hope, our MEA acts sensibly in this matter.
V S Ganeshan

Learn lessons from the past episodes
"The fact the three terrorists were escorted by one Police man,( DH, 4th Jan)  speaks all about Government of India's determination and ground level preparation for fighting terrorism in the Country. It also proves beyond doubt that the Government has learnt very little from the past episodes, be it 26/11 event or IC814 hijacking. While it does not make much sens to punish officials at the lower level, it is time for the top brass to pay for the very casual approach towards handling of terrorism and terrorists.
Dutta Tota,

Country of Scams in crores?
Economic reforms and liberalization were introduced to nullify the adverse effects of the Permit Raj. But on the contrary it has geared up numerous scams since 1992 which are as under. The scams began with the Stock Market scam of Harshad Mehta worth Rs.5000 crores in 1992. In 1994 the sugar import scam took place worth Rs.650 crores. In 1995 there were three scams viz. the home allotment scam of Rs.5000 crores, Yugoslav Dinar scam of Rs.400 crores and Meghalaya forests scam of Rs.300 crores. In 1996 the fertilizer import scam of Rs.1300 crore was followed by the Urea scam of Rs.133 crore and then the fodder scam of Bihar of Rs.950 crores. The telecom scam earned Rs.1500 crores to then telecom minister Sukhram in 1997. This followed by the 1998 teak plantation scam of Rs.8000 crores and. The aam aadmi can never forget the UTI scam of Rs.4800 crores which occurred in 2001, followed by Dinesh Dalmiyas stock scam of Rs.595 crores and the Ketan Parekh security scam of Rs.1250 crores. The year 2002 brought Sanjay Agrawals home trade scam of Rs.600 crores, followed by Telgi stamp paper scam of Rs.172 crores in 2003. The year 2005 showed India the IPO demat scam of Rs.146 crores, Bihar flood relief scam of Rs.17 crores and the Scorpion submarine scam of Rs.18978 crores. In 2006 there were the Punjab city center project scam of Rs.1500 crores and the Taj corridor scam of Rs.175 crores. The Pune tax evasion scam of Rs.50,000 crores brought the billionaire Hasan Ali Khan in limelight in 2008 followed by the Satyam computers scam if Rs.10,000 crores, the Army ration scam of Rs.5000 crores, another telecom scam of Rs.60,000 crores, State Bank of Saurashtra scam of Rs.95 crores and the illegal deposits scam (the biggest ever scam) worth 71,00,000 crores in various Swiss Banks. And in 2009 there were the Jharkhand medical appliances scam of Rs.130 crores, rice export scam of Rs.2500 crores, Orissa mines scam of Rs.7000 crores and the former notorious chief minster Madhu Kodas scam of Rs.4000 crores related to the mines. What will the new decade started with 2010 gift us, the common Indians, aam aadmi?
Hansraj Bhat
Borivali (W),
Mumbai 400092

No calls on duty
Cell phone curbs on TN bus drivers (DH 4th Jan 10) is indeed a very good move. While on duty by using the cell phones the drivers have been exposing not only themselves to danger but also the innumberable passengers and the conductors into problems. Their concentration goes into attending the cell phones' requriements making them to err. By bringing this measure, one hopes that the passengers can travel without fear and tension. It is expected that the other State Governments would follow the footsteps of Tamil Nadu in this respect.
Eji pura , Bangalore

SUB: India to extend USD 500mn credit line to Bangladesh
This is with reference to India to extend USD 500mn credit line to Bangladesh appearing in DH dated 04JAN10
India reaching out to Bangladesh with credit line of USD 500mn for the supply of 1200MW electricity is a perfect gesticulation for Love Thy Neighbour. This soft loan is in reciprocal of Bangladesh Govt’s resolve to eliminate terror training camps organized by LeT operatives and arresting fugitive leaders of banned terror outfit ULFA. Bangladesh became a safe transit for smuggling Indian fake currency from Pakistan to India via Nepal and Dhaka. Co-operation amongst neighbour countries can work wonders a lesson Pakistan must learn.
Deepak Chikramane

One day bash for ministers in Hampi
Tourism Minister Janardhana Reddy's statement (DH 4th January) that a State Cabinet meeting will be held in Hampi shortly is another example of the profligate ways of the BJP Government. Though ostensibly the reason is to facilitate the development of the region, one wonders whether the same cannot be decided in Bangalore itself, rather than spending the taxpayer's money in creating infrastructure in Hampi for a one day bash for the ministers to attend the Hampi Celebrations
Mirle Karthik

Missing the absence of Rajiv's rhetoric
M J Akbar has missed the absence of Rajiv's rhetoric, Power Brokers' presence in the congress party during the centenary of Quit India held on August Kranti Maidan ( Mumbai ). The party knows, it cannot survive without them. The decline of values and principles in the party since the seventies has been steady and the same is reflected in every sphere of public life, in the country.  People like me vote the party back to power only because of absence of a Rajaji, Acharya Kriplani or JP. Sheila Dixit had rightly thanked JP, as he had put the derailed party back on the rails, with a resounding general election defeat in 1977.
Gilbert D’souza

Food security must be strengthened
While inaugurating the 97th annual session of the Indian Science Congress in Thiruvananthapuram on Sunday, Mr. Manmohan Singh has truthfully acknowledged the disappointment of the participating nations over the unsatisfactory outcome of the Climate Change Summit 2009 at Copenhagen.  His admission that only “very limited” progress was made there underlines the fact that the world has to go a long way before the serious issue of Climate Change is tackled seriously. Nevertheless, not taking a defeatist attitude, he rightly advised the Indian Scientist community to develop science and technology related to both the aspects of mitigation and adaptation towards the ultimate goals of low greenhouse gas emissions and through an energy-efficient development path is rather welcome. Indeed, India cannot absolve itself of the responsibility of warding off the challenges posed by the Climate Change simply under the alibi that it is the responsibility of the advanced countries for their abnormally high per capita carbon emission. In fact, India will face the very same dilemma in view of the economic progress and changing life-styles of the Indians.  The PM has rightly counseled that India should not lag behind in chalking out strategies to achieve greater energy efficiency and a shift to renewable sources of energy. The PM’s advice that food security must be strengthened through more research deserves to be considered and put into practice in the context of climate change.
Bichu Muttathara, Pune

No escort to the murderer
The police officers who participated in the dons party would fade out in comparison with a recent incident that took place in Mumbai. One person after committing the crime of murder voluntarily went to a police station to surrender himself before the law enforcing agencies. However, he was told that he had reported to a police station which had no jurisdiction over the locality where the crime had been committed. As such, he was allowed to go, without any escort, after being told about the address of the concerned police station.
Arun Malankar

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